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Surprisingly great sushi in Charlotte is Nikko’s Japanese Restaurant and Sushi.

  • •Hostess staff presented great service and greets you with a welcoming smile.
  • •The bar is on the left as you walk in and we got drinks while waiting on the rest of our party.
  • •The DJ booth is on the right (on weekends) who played all sorts of music top hits to electronic dance, ’80s and today’s hits that get you pumped and happy to be at
  • Nikko’s. It was great seeing other customers got out of their seats and do the “Cha-cha slide”
  • •The sushi bar was spectacular with the back walls lighted up with different colors.
  • •My lychee martini was on point, strong alcohol topped with the actual lychee fruit. It was so good, I had two lychee martinis and was already feeling the music! The Bloody Mary was great too!
  • •Service from waitstaff was on point, we moved and shuffled around our seats and the nice server managed to get our checks right!
  • •The decor was impeccable, nicely decorated with authentic Japanese statues, trinkets, and pictures of geishas. If you look closely, the picture is the owner of the restaurant in her beautiful silk kimonos.
  • •The dinner and drink menu is intensive with specials.
  • •Sushi to Teriyaki hibachi entrees.
  • •Sashimi and raw oysters were fresh.
  • The happy staff of Nikko’s Japanese Restaurant and Sushi breeds a happy environment for customers so you feel welcomed, such a breath of fresh air! The ambiance is great if you don’t mind the loud music.” ~ Samantha T.
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Samantha T.

The happy staff of Nikko’s Japanese Restaurant and Sushi breeds a happy environment for customers so you feel welcomed, such a breath of fresh air! The ambiance is great if you don’t mind the loud music.”

-Samantha T.

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Mallory S.

“Thanks to Colin I was able to know what the best meal for a vegetarian would be at Nikkos! So beyond helpful, relatable, and honest. Truly made the experience memorable!”

-Mallory S.

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Brandon P.

“I just moved to Charlotte in December of 2020 & all I’ve heard about was Nikko Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar is the spot to go. So I stopped in last night to have sushi. It was AMAZING & the environment was spot on!

All the staff wore masks 😷.

I love the owner’s personal touch! They really make this place fun! Now I understand why Nikko Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar is the staple of Charlotte! I look forward to my next dine-in experience here because Ray - their superior manager - Joanna owner - James owner - and the rest of their amazing staff - again food absolute best - Sushi Love 💞”

-Brandon P.

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“It's a really nice sushi spot which has a club feel. They play music you would hear in a club and definitely cater to that audience and fits the whole young hip vibe. Sushi is really good quality ingredients. This place has been around for a while and you can't go wrong with it. This is in the pricier tier of sushi restaurants, if you want to impress your date come here for dinner if you just want a casual lunch then just come for lunch on the weekdays!”


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Kendra K.

“A whole vibbbbbeeeeeeeee!! DJ and food were LIT!! I was dancing from the time I walked through the door. Let me not forget the birthday surprise! Nothing but hearts! Another favorite spot in the heart of Charlotte. If you didn’t know, now you know.”

-Kendra K.

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Patrick M.

“This place is really nice. The food was delicious. The service was good too. We came at lunch. It is expensive but it was worth it. Everything was fresh. I will definitely come back. Very clean too.”

-Patrick M.

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Frank W.

“This was really a great experience for me and my family. The food was great didn’t take too long to come to the table.. The atmosphere was great music was playing. There was no wait. really great experience. thank you guys for a great night!”

-Frank W.

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Justine V.

“It’s true what they say.. this is some of the best sushi in Charlotte! Every dish is packed with flavor. My partner and I will definitely be ordering from here again. From calling it into picking it up, it took about 25 minutes. The staff is very friendly. Sushi is reasonably priced.”

-Justine V.

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Jonathan P.

“Overall a very pleasant experience at Nikkos. It’s a short walk from the Light Rail which makes it very accessible and convenient for a quick bite. They were more than welcome to our "custom" sushi requests. Would recommend anyone near the Light Rail to visit this place due to its proximity, good food, and friendly staff.”

-Jonathan P.

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Lavette E.

“I always have a wonderful experience here. On Friday nights there is great music. Great place for a Girls Night out. My favorite drink is X rated My favorite sushi is TNT And the best app there is the tuna nachos.”

-Lavette E.

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Christian J.

“We love this sushi spot. It’s in a very convenient location and they have parking in the garage in the back. We’ve been to several times and the sushi is always amazing. They have a great saki selection from which to choose, as well. Not the place for a quiet dinner because after around 9 pm, they have a DJ and it gets pretty energized inside. Great place for a birthday party or other group celebration.”

-Christian J.

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Alisha H.

“The atmosphere is great, plays great music and the food is phenomenal!! Their fried rice is amazing, the salad with their dressing is the best I've ever and omg the soup, its looks like water with green stuff but if heaven had a taste it would be their salad. Definitely recommend and I can't wait to go back. 10 stars.”

-Alisha H.