What Are The Three Main Types of Sushi?

What Are The Three Main Types of Sushi?

If you’re a fan of seafood or Japanese food, you are probably familiar with sushi and restaurants that almost exclusively serve this delicious type of food. However, there are many different types of sushi to choose from! If you’ve visited Nikko Japanese Restaurant, you’ve likely seen sushi dishes and selections described with different words, but you may not inherently know the differences between these types of sushi dishes. Keep reading to learn more about the three types of sushi and so much more. Want to experience these dishes in person to really get a feel for the differences? Make a reservation at Nikko today and plan your visit!

Different types of sashimi on serving plate


A popular form of sushi dining is sashimi! These options are most simply explained as ‘just meat’ options. If you order tuna, salmon, octopus, eel, or other kinds of meat as sashimi, you’ll be handed a plate full of prepared pieces of these meats and proteins without any rice or additions. This is a great way to sample the delicious flavors of your favorite fish and proteins without the distractions of other seasonings or ingredients. Sashimi is also a great option for sampling a lot of flavors if rice tends to make you feel full too quickly during a meal.

Tuna Nigiri


Nigiri is the next step above sashimi and features a piece of fish, meat, or protein served on top of a molded piece of rice. This choice is a delicious compromise between simple pieces of meat and large, filling sushi rolls because it features a delicious and somewhat filling vehicle for the fish and meat that you love to eat!

A sushi roll


Sushi is the name that comes to mind whenever someone is describing fresh fish or meat paired with rice, but the term more specifically describes rolls or even hand-held cones of food. Sushi features a main piece of protein, like salmon, octopus, or shrimp, often paired with one or two other ingredients like vegetables or spices, rolled in rice and seaweed. These are delicious, complex creations that are crafted with care and offer delectable flavor pairings!

Uramaki roll

Subtypes of Sushi

Within the sushi category, you can vary a little more, too! If you’re choosing uramaki, you’ll get the classic version of a sushi roll with ingredients rolled in seaweed and then rice. Maki, on the other hand, is when the seaweed is encasing both the rice and the ingredients, and finally, temaki is often offered at food stands or by street food vendors because it’s an easy-to-hold cone of seaweed containing the rice and other ingredients.

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