What Pairs Best With Sushi

What Pairs Best With Sushi

Going out to eat at a restaurant should be more than just a tasty meal…it should be an experience! Nikko Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, offers delectable, authentic Japanese cuisine with an amazing atmosphere for any customer. Creating an experience is more than ordering the correct dish, it is about pairing your sushi platter with the perfect drink. Keep reading to learn more about the perfect sushi pairings to take your sushi meal to the next level.

sushi with wine in background

Riesling Wine

While it may not seem like a great fit, wine is a delicious complement to your traditional Japanese sushi experience. Riesling wine is a dry, white wine originating from Germany. Crisp and refreshing, a glass of Riesling pairs perfectly with a tuna tataki with spicy ponzu sauce, cutting the spice and cooling your palate for more authentic Japanese sushi.

sushi platter with rose wine

Rosé Wine

No Japanese sushi bar would be complete without California rolls and a glass of good Rosé wine. At Nikko’s our “No Way, Rosé” adds a bright acidic, fresh slate with notes of lemon and basil that pairs particularly well with our tuna, salmon, and crab California rolls.

variety of fish sushi

Umami-Rich Cocktails

Many people make the mistake of ordering a sweet or bitter cocktail when enjoying traditional Japanese food as it contrasts with the fish. Instead, use the fish’s flavors as a guide to ordering the perfect cocktail, such as complementing an umami bomb sushi dish with an umami bomb cocktail, like a salted margarita or martini.

fish sushi

Japanese Manhattan

The aged flavor of whisky helps to enhance the overall sweeter flavors of the fish in your sushi dish. Our Japanese Manhattan has the great barrel-aged aromas of the typical whiskey but also has added ginger bitters to complement your sushi dish.

Whether you are an experienced sushi lover or if this is your first time at a sushi restaurant, our expert servers can help make your experience phenomenal! Located in the heart of Charolette, Nikko Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar is your go-to for the best sushi and cocktails. Make a reservation today!